Applied as FTP software substitutes, web–based file management tools have always been sluggish and poor in capabilities. Nonetheless, when using the File Manager featured in the Global Network Business Hosting Control Panel, you won’t only employ a blazingly fast, responsive and user–friendly file administration software, but also an app that will make an external FTP program unnecessary. Take a look at a few of the options that we have included in our File Manager.

Drag ’n’ drop file upload options

Transmit data files to your web pages with no trouble

The File Manager in your Hosting Control Panel features a fast, drag’n’drop capability that will allow you to transfer files between your computer and your website hosting account without needing to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. You could drag data files from your PC and drop them in your Hosting Control Panel with a mouse–click through a risk–free SSL connection.

The drag’n’drop characteristic is integrated into the Hosting Control Panel, so that you do not need to deploy any third–party software to make use of it. It will also work on all major Operating Systems, so all you should do to apply it is sign in to your File Manager.

Hepsia File Manager

Right–click context menus

View the whole set of readily available file management possibilities with just a click of the mouse

Thanks to the right–click menus we’ve integrated in the File Manager, you’ll be able to manage your files in a time and effort saving manner. Click on a file or folder and with the panel that will show up, decide on the action that you like. It is possible to rename, copy, move, download, edit, preview, archive, unarchive and delete virtually any selected file. When you click on a folder, you will also view the option to create a different sub–folder or file inside.

When you select multiple files or directories, it is easy to use identical measures to all of them simultaneously.

Hepsia File Manager

Archive/Unarchive files

Archive or extract archive files within seconds

Compared with the vast majority of file management interfaces and FTP clients, the Global Network Business Hosting Control Panel has an option to archive/unarchive files quicker. It is intuitive. To get a directory shrunk into a lightweight size, all you need to do is select it and click on the Compress button. To open up the belongings of an archived directory within your account, choose it and then click the Extract button. The File Manager supports several different file extensions, including .ZIP, .RAR and .TAR.GZ.

Hepsia File Manager