What is Moodle?

Moodle can be depicted as a web app for building compelling web based courses. Made for giving tutors the right tools for content display and learning evaluation purposes, it has become popular amongst educators throughout the world. Moodle is an open–source web application, which is backed up by a huge community all over the world and which currently serves around 7 million e–learning websites and over one million academics.

Moodle can be employed for a high school site as well as a sizable university student portal that has a huge number of users. A great number of companies use it as an app for conducting web based classes. Moodle incorporates a variety of exercise modules (including community forums, databases and wikis) for making highly collaborative e–learning communities.

Moodle is a registered trademark of Martin Dougiamas and is not connected with Global Network Business.

eLearning Shared Website Hosting Services Services

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